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Hail fellow deviants!
I realised I haven't been posting here for a while, I'm currently taking a break from doll customization and photography, but I have been working on my personal art a lot, and you can see much of it on my Tumblr or Flickr….

Well I had a great deal of wonderful time at Ldoll, met some great people and saw a bunch of stunning dolls! Now it's time to get back to sculpting, I've got two dolls to finish (and cast) and one new to start straight ahead! :nod:
So wish me luck, it's going to be one busy end of a year :)
A whole lot of people are gathering for the Ldoll festival this week end in France, so I hope you'll be going too:w00t:
Feel free to catch up and have a chat! I'll be just visiting, and I'll bring a tiny shiny tanned doll with me:

A Knight in shining armor by Bluoxyde

I hope I'll see you there!
Hello fellow deviants,
I'll be submitting an FAQ on DA soon, so if you have any questions that you think are relevant, please feel free to ask :nod:

Wow it has been a while, so yay for 2014 and happy very-very-belated New Year to everyone^^
What's your plans for this year, in terms of purchases, dolls, art?

I have edited my BJD lineup for this year and here we go:
It turns out I'm a happy owner of 6 dolls - and that's a lot in my world - But I really like all of them and I even want more... so that I'm planning to have 8 by the end of the year. And that's just crazy! 
Oh and I also happen to have a Migidoll MSD boy that I won in a contest and it's as sweet as a candy but I can't get used to it and I don't do anything with it and I'm such a lazy thing I can't even get pictures of it and sell it! Anyone wants a lovely Migidoll Mir with a company full-set and face-up? Feel free to note me :nod:
In addition to that, I'd love to get a body for my floating random Cerisedolls ombre head I couldn't get myself to sell, I'd love to get my hand on a pretty SD boy body so that I could shoot nice pictures of various SD floating heads I happen to have at home from time to time ( yeah that happens ^^;) - and - in addition to all of that, I miss having a unoa - again.

So which SD boy body below 65cm would you advise? Like which one is the prettiest for you? I'm in love with the Dollstown 18yrs which is gorgeous and obviously too huge. And when I say huge I mean I don't even have enough strength to get its torso joint to move! :o How do you people handle such giants? 

Oh and I'm not even done speaking about plans yet. I've got to finish and cast in resin my 'first' BJD. And make another two. Because I really enjoy it and have a whole bunch of ideas...and so little time.
I've also got these 3 heads I've been sculpting and they're about 80% done, but since they won't fit any available bjd body and I'm not ready to work on a body that size yet, I don't even know if I should be putting more work into those. :hmm: 

I really didn't post for that long, did I? ^^; Shame on me. Yet I wasn't dead, but away for work - and was plotting some new bjd project plots as well.
But I don't think these were meant to be.
See, I'm kinda stuck at a dead end right now,  I'd like to have some brand new raw resin to play around with and try something new, but it seems as if none of what actually exists on the market suits my purpose. Although that last one looks pretty plain simple:
a white skin 50-55cm boy or a 35cm young boy/girl, in white skin as well.

The problem?
50cm guys are rare and those that do exist (Soul-vito, Soom Ide51 and Glorydoll as far as I know) just don't match my anathomy criteria :/
35cm girls with a cute chibi-like style and chubby curvy legs would be Narsha, Chibi Unoa and SaintBloom.
Narsha do not come in white, unless you want to pay 1.5 as much for a full-set that ain't worth it,  the chibi unoas pose like lego-figures while they cost like a house, and the SaintBloom could do if I could change their breasts and switch head.

Would you know any other options?^^
I'd even go for an oversized MSD as long as it looks organic and can stick to simple poses well.
pretty please? :aww:
Is any of  you going to be attending the Ldoll convention this week end in France?
I'll be there, just like last year, I hope it's going to be just as neat  :nod: And I'll bring Ezekiel with me.

Hello everyone,
Wow once again deviant art grants me with a lot of attention, I feel weird about it, but I'm happy people like Rei and my pictures.
It's akward to see a lot of "wow"- "creepy" - "oh she looks so sad!" recurring reactions to Rei, I really fell like everyone agreed on this, while I have a very different vision of that doll :D
I also saw many of you asking questions, please fell free to have a look at the FAQ:…
Feel free to post other questions, I'll ty to maintain it and update it with other possibly useful information :nod:

Have a great day,
Hello, deviant people there:)
I've got three things to say, and that deserves a jounral entry!

First things first, I'm scared of DA statistics rush even though I've been through it before. Maybe it's because I've been through it before. I don't like saying popularity rush because I don't like the whole notion of someone being popular, it's a twisted concept, so I say it's just statistics.

Second thing, an important one: many thanks to theshazerin for my subscription! I do not know what brought me the honor, but that's really damn nice of you! :hug:

And thirdly, thank you for the DD, fellow deviants! I've been there before as well and I often tent to disagree with the overall DD choice, so I won't say it's an honor - it looks more like luck, definetly luck. It's my second photo DD and my umm 5th DD overall with my former drawings account? I think there are 3 or 4 of them there. Buuut still, I'm still very pleased - and  - yay for BJD photography and customization getting some more space as a form of art :nod: That's a really good point, I think.
I'm not quite sure that it really is art myself, since I do not make the dolls. I hope you all do know it. I only paint them, resculpt them, make something different with what they look like, pick stuff for them; and I take pictures and photoshop the pictures (too much). I don't even make eyes, wigs, clothes or shoes for the dolls. But hell, even if it isn't just my work, but many things from many various artists that, combined the right way, may end up as something neat - so let's say it's a collaborative form of art, shall we? ^^
Just wanted to greet my new (and not so new) watchers, since I didn't take time to do this earlier, I'm very glad to see all of you people around, and I'm grateful for the attention you give to my pictures and doll-work :nod:
If you have any questions, feel free to speak up, I'll be making a F.A.Q if there are a certain number of those :aww:

Hi everyone ~
So next week end there will be a BJD convention going on in France, does any one of you plan to drop by? I'll be around of course, it seems like it's going to be much fun :)
I hope to see many familiar and unfamiliar faces, both people and resin! As for me I'm going to bring Réï (my white Zaoll Luv) with me, for the Saturday's contest, I'll probably be carying him around on Sunday. So...feel free to come along and say hi :nod:

Freshly Updated F.A.Q :)

What are these dolls?
Asian Ball-joined-dolls or BJD for short, they are hand-made, highy-expensive, fully-customisable dolls articulated better then action figures and often used as a support for painting/resculpting/esthetics and photography. They are made in Japan, Korea and China.
Now for the rest, you can google it of course.

My BJD collection:

:bulletblue:Daniel Vice - Dreaming  Zaoll Luv Dreaming[source]

Gender: male
Species: Alien (Iridäe)
Customisation: lips and eyes modded, mouth opened, teeth sculpted, chest sanded, and body modded with epoxy exoskeleton. The arms were replaced with Dollstown Elf body arms, claws added.

Note: this doll is meant to represent a character of mine I've been working on for quite a long time so that it was quite a challenge to handle. I usually do not like dark dolls too much, and it's a real pain in terms of photography. But it was the first doll I've attempted to modify in such an overwhelming and somewhat violent way, and it  means a lot to me.

:bulletblue:Kiraï Réi -White Zaoll Luv [source]

Gender: none
Species: Robot
Customisation: lips and eyes modded, chest sanded, robot parts added, patterns and chest hole carved in the resin, hands changed.
Note: it's a very decorative doll, that unexpectedly inspired me a whole universe, drawings and a story that goes with those. I love taking pictures of it because of it's whiteness and flower-decorated silhouette.

:bulletblue:Ezekiel - Zaoll White dreaming/Dollstown Elf hybrid [source]

Gender: male
Species: deity
Customisation: legs customized into prosthetic limbs, back and chest plates added, scars carved. Chest sands flat, nose and chin re-shaped. Eyes and lips modded.

:bulletblue:Seth - MD Teenie gem Bygg [source]

Species: Sahdowraith
Gender: Male
Customisation: Eyes closed into dreaming.
Note: I never take pictures of him, it is my only tiny doll and works as a decoration for the living room. It's also the oldest of my dolls and a precious gift.


I do my dolls' faceups myself, as well as for the possible modifications.
Wigs, eyes and clothes are generally bought from the BJD companies or commission from various artists.
Photography and photo-edits are made by myself and photoshop of course.

Feel free to ask any possible questions about those here :nod:
I haven't been updating that journal for aaaages :D
At first, thank you for all the attention my pictures got recently, I appreciate it.
I'm sort of going though a doubty period in terms of bjd dolls. I have mostly finished my second Zaoll's customisation, sold my unoa (again?) and got myself a floating head (I wonder what for). What I would like is get a complete sd of small size, that would fit nicely with my Zaoll boys to complete my "collection" and allow me to get some very colorful pictures I have been lacking lately.
A little bottomline:

Currently in my posession:
- Vice, the alien Zaoll boy that is now 1 year old, need a good wash and probably a repaint of his body markings, but that I totally appreciate.
- Réi, the robot Zaoll that still need heeled feet but that is mostly done; that's the most decorative of my dolls, looking very nice of my nightstand^^
- Seth, Soom Bygg, a tiny grey skinned cute little monster, lives in a jewelry box, I never take pictures of him, but it's a precious little thing.
- aaaand Deekay which is no more but a floating head and I don't quite know what will become of it.

Currently Wanted:
- A small sd boy, probably a hybrid on the Dollstown elf body that I would modify.
I have a painful trouble finding a head for him, I have been searching for months and I don't really like the onfew  ones that would fit...
any ideas please? :(

What I like but most probably won't ever get :
- MyDolling Heeah
- Dollmore Narsha sleepy
- Alchemic labo Chibi Unoa
- legende de temps ludwig

And I suppose I need to update my FAQ as well ><
Happy Holidays, everyone :)
I hope you all get snow, fun and presents.

This last year made me open this DA account, and spend a lot of time on my BJD, most of which were swapped and changed, and swapped again.
I end up with a Zaoll and a Unoa (and a tiny thing I keep for my own). I'm pretty happy with that turn, although I'd want to take more intellingent and more creative pictures along with taking much less of them.
I also have a couple more dolls I'd want to add to that list, but I'm gonna take it slow.

I wish you all to have your wishlists completed and much fun :aww:
Sort of back :D
I've been away for a little while putting together some new ideas and bjd projects.
First of all, no more Unoa stuff for me for the moment - I really had a lof of fun with those boys, and I'm happy about having owned those, but it's time to move on to something else. Besides, the characters I gave them are more of a real characters of mine then actually dolls anyway.

For those that wonder about Vice (my Zaoll boy), the only decent picture I have drawn of him is here : with him wearing almost the whole of his exoskeleton. I'd probably be writing a piece of his story in my resin-blog sometime.
Somehow I don't feel like exposing that doll online, with  all those oh-too-many-Zaoll-dolls around, I almost felt like keeping him to myself alone. But playing around with pictures is so much fun, I must admit, especially since I have a good camera now for my own use :nod: Agh - need to stop thinking about taking pictures and do some drawing! :shakefist:
There's still some work to do on the doll anyway, since I'm not done with hands,feet, arms and legs yet. Unfortunately it seems like I'm out of MSC and the finishing tuches will have to wait >.>

I'ts nice to be back, anyway.

Moving on!

Wed Feb 17, 2010, 5:29 AM

Im moving on in terms of BJD stuff and life.

First of all I got a job and am moving very shortly to a new place. I hope to have some tme to continue some photography there but it mostly seems like I'll be busy all the way to the core fro some time.
I'll get back to drawing (am already on it) and won't be doing faceups for a while.

Concearning my BJD group, I'll concentrate on my Unoa boys - Ash (the dragon-creature), Hayze  and Blyss  (the two brothers) - I'm extreamly happy with them and I don't feel like I need anything else. Vice  (the alien larve boy) will have to wait as a on-going-project, since I don't think the Shushu mold would actually do for him nor do I have any other MSD mold in mind that could do.
And I'm also ordering a sleeping Lusis faceplate for my Calamity project : it will be given a series of experimental faceups, both girly and boyish, that I always wanted to do. I'll probably get it around spring.

That's all folks!
Wish me luck, and watch out for some more pictures of my boys :aww:

Oh my!

Tue Feb 2, 2010, 11:58 AM

Oh my. I've been putting away my BJD ideas in order to keep myself focused on job-hunting, I soooo hope I won't have to stay focused for much longer :please:....but anyway.
So I was particulary surprised - and honoured when kawaiimon featured me as the fotographer of the month, holy pancakes, that makes me sound so important! :dance:

Talking about photography, I got my hand on a camera (a real one, not the kinda junk thst I'm using) and I can't wait to be able te play around with it.
My MNF Shushu boy is -almost- home as well - he's stuck on teh customs with the whole group order i've been processiong, what a shame -_- Although not having him at hope helps me to stay focused. There will be a whole bunch of work on him: body-sanding, eyes-opening, blush, faceup...:faint: I feel anxious about vice - because he would be so much better as a Zaoll then a shushu...and I wonder if I shouldn't just give a body to each of my unoa boys instead of having them shareing one.

I'm also loonking for a unoa faceplate to purchase! Yes, another one. I'd want a Lusis or a Sist madoromi (sleeping) or regular one. I'd like to get one just for modding and painting for fun, not for a particular character of mine, but to practice faceups that I never do. Like something undead...orsomething very girly ^^ So if you have one you don't think about using, please let me know! :nod:


I haven't been writing anything about my recent BJD updates, just mostly spaming pictures, I thought it deserevd a couple of words too. Or even a whole page of rambling :lmao:

I have sold my Minifee Karsh (head only) - my first BJD and the first BJD that I have ever seen in person. And unlike what I would have expected - it didn't move me or anything. As I could have expected - what really matters is the character that I have switeched to another mold, not the sculpt itself. Although the Karsh sculpt will always be somewhat special to me - I don't need to own one myself anymore :nod:

And I gave in to the Unoa. I mean I love seing pictures of them, I love painting them,I loe taking pictures of them, so why in the world would I resist?
Moreover, I just can't consider any other company's sculpt for my dolls anymore (Except the CP/FL Shushu I will mention a little bit later on) because the MSD sculpts just generally don't appeal to me, and I can't consider owning an SD for the moment. So both Ash and Blyss Are unoa hybrids on minifee body now.

And... I also own a tiny that I usually do not take pictures of, and that I can hardly paint but that I really appreciate. A SOOM MD, believe it. In other circumstances I wouldn't stand owning a BJD that I can't paint nor shoot, but here's the thing, it's also a character of mine that I really like keeping. Besides, I have sold some parts of it's set (you know, those famous and limited Soom Fairy parts...) so that I just don't feel guilty about it's price anymore. It ended up being cheaper then a tiny from Fairyland for example :D
BTW I am still selling the Unicorn Bygg head with dreamy eyes that I do not use...;)

And finally, there's the Shushu boy I am waiting for.
I have been (secretly?) dreaming about an asian-typed black-haired resin boy for ages! And Vice, my alien larva character is exacty of that type (what a strange *coincidence*, I know). So that guy is gonna be both the kinda type I like and a very interesting character to develop. But that is only if I can get his eyes opened right, and get his faceup done properly - and that is more than uncertain.
I guess only time will tell, but as much as I like the Shushu sculpt I am afraied that painting unoa, and then painting SD-sized faceups would just spoil me too much to appreciate it :o
In that case I could just give each of my unoa hybrids their own body and QUIT.
Because having 3 complete BJD of my own already seems faaaar toooo much.

... but hey we all know that's not gonna happen -_-"
I wish I could just get a BJD for me to paint and mod, and then just resell it with no remorse, just for the pure fun of it. But somehow that doesn't exactly seem right.
Maybe I should just stick to drawing stuff ^^; umm yeah.

Well, resin and cookies for all! :cookie:
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Well, happy New Year, everyone! w00t!:
The past year was somewhat special : I've got into the BJD-trap and resin-addiction in early 2009, and I ain't gettig out of it :D I got my first BJD - Ash - somewhere around April, and I now have three of those (2 and a half, to put it properly). I hope I can get the 4 (or rather, three and a half XD) of them together completed and fully-developed by the end of 2010^^
I wish all of you much fun and more resin! :nod:

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Thank you so much for reading, supporting and helping me with links! :aww: Special thanks to schigera :worship:
For I have found my Unoa "O"</u> faceplate I was looking for, it should be on the way soon! A kind of a Xmass present for meh :3
Now I just have to get my hand on the last faceplate for Blyss, and he'll be all set! With a madoromi face I've modded into a smiley/cutsey face, the Akubi fp for a sad/painful/blissful expression, and a Bully or another Madoromi for a meanie/baddie-boy face ^^ Money-saving time for now :nod:

:cookie: :cookie: :cookie: for everyone!

[Original Journal entry:]
I'm looking for a couple of unoa faceplates for my hybrid boy, and it's turning out pretty aweful - those faceplates are uber-rare and super-expensive so that I can't even get my hand on one :cries:
I need a yawning/orgasmic Lusis and either a Sist Bully either another Madoromi Lusis for modding. But I gotta first get the yawninig one, I've always wanted one, and Blyss totally needs one :shakefist: that face of suffering and face of bliss is totally his. *sigh*
If you ever happen to get your eyes on one that doesn't cost 200 bucks, feel free to pinch me ;)
*sigh again*
I suppose I'm out of luck, I'm happy I could get my hand on the lusus madoromi faceplate for my boy so fast and neat. But I happen to be obsessed with those option faces :D
While I can't handle having floating heads shareing the same body, I do want several faceplates! Because these are like different expressions of the same face, not different faces.
And moreover, Blyss is a boy of several personalitites (schysophrenia that is ^^;) so different faces is a kind of must. :love:

wish me luck ::no: